We have looked at nearly every computational approach to drug discovery and believe FAR Biotech’s technology to be the most advanced. FAR can effectively model difficult targets and identify novel compounds that are simply not found by other approaches.
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o Quantum AI Validation

Early successes against targets in diverse therapeutic areas

We have achieved preclinical validation in several key therapeutic areas including kinases, transcription factors and protein-protein interactions (PPIs) across diverse targets.

  • structurally novel leads for Nrf2
  • structurally novel leads for Tau aggregation inhibitors
  • structurally novel leads for STAT3
  • allosteric and active site compounds for BCR-ABL1
Infectious diseases
  • repurposed & novel compounds for liver-stage and blood-stage malariare
  • purposed & novel structural compounds for African sleeping sickness

oHigh-impact Target

Our Lead Program: Nrf2

Nrf2 pathway is indicated in Alzheimer’s (7 million cases in US with 500k new cases per year) and Parkinson’s (500,000 cases in US with 90,000 new cases per year) diseases, and plays important role in non-neurological therapeutic areas including lung and kidney disease.

  • High-profile target with significant scientific and commercial interest that activates transcriptional program promoting survival and adaptation under cellular stress.
  • Well-studied target with dozens of drugs coming up short due to off-target interactions, lack of structural diversity, mechanism-of-action (MOA) concerns (tumorigenesis and liver enzyme elevations) and lack of blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetration, limiting CNS uptake and drug efficacy for neurodegeneration.
  • Competition has been modest with only handful of compounds currently in discovery and preclinical phases.

Nrf2 Target Background


Our experimental partner

We work collaboratively with Aragen, a global leader in integrated drug discovery.

25 fully integrated programs with Big Pharma and Biotech

Strong scientific program management capabilities

Clients filed 27 patents in last 6 years

Therapeutic areas: Oncology, pain, inflammation, CVMD, CKD