A New Approach to Novel Drug Discovery

FAR Biotech’s mission is to use technology to accelerate drug discovery in areas with high unmet clinical need!

Quantum Technology

FAR Biotech uses a unique and proprietary drug discovery technology utilizing quantum modeling and machine learning.

Big Data Platform

FAR Biotech's technology identifies molecules with drug-like attributes by accessing a 300 million compound library and over 200 models of therapeutic targets related to human disease.

Validation Success

FAR Biotech’s technology discovered novel compounds in oncology, neuro-degeneration (Nrf2) and infectious disease (malaria, sleeping sickness) that have been further validated in laboratory studies.

Accelerated Drug Discovery

FAR Biotech's novel technology drastically reduces the time and cost for hit-to-lead generation across hundreds of therapeutic targets related to diseases with high unmet clinical need.

Business Strategy

FAR Biotech focuses on technology expansion in New Chemical Entity (NCE) design capabilities and pursues pre-clinical development of its portfolio hits.

Far Biotech